MEDIA ALERT: Scientifically Controlled Tests on Fire Burn Prove Higher Power


Contact: Dr. Jane Dillon, president, Catharsis (+1) 760-415-4550

Philip Sauvage, whose extraordinary work inspired the non-profit California corporation called Catharsis, PROPOSES to do ground-breaking scientific tests, worldwide, on victims of severe fire burns from flaming cars and homes, wildfires and terrorist bombings, to PROVE, once and for all, the existence of a "higher reality."

Mankind's deepest need for existential meaning deserves an answer, says Philip Sauvage: "Getting the absolute certainty that some form of a 'higher power' does exist and getting all the proofs and evidence that this 'higher power' can be successfully accessed, processed and manifested through some very specific 'transcendental forces'" is in the people's, oldest and most fundamental, interest.

Sauvage's protocol is exact and requires only four details be sent to his team within 30 minutes of exposure to fire: NAME, DATE of birth, PLACE of birth, and ANY PHOTO of the burned victims. These data can be texted in an MMS message, from any mobile camera phone to the EMAIL address: or to the camera cell phone number: (+41) 78-686-1842.

Tests on severe fire burns are simple and easy to set-up under strict scientific control and scrutiny anywhere in the world, using camera mobile phones, text messages and email. They are non-medical, non-pharmaceutical and public. There is no risk, no cost, and no interference with standard medical treatment as the processing is done entirely from a distance, involves no contact with the victim, and is verified by the local attending burn doctors.

Dramatic results are immediate, clearly observable, absolutely incontrovertible, and quickly reproducible in hundreds of cases. Journalists, firefighters, emergency workers, and people without any scientific knowledge can organize a burn test and see with their own eyes the unprecedented and unequivocal OBJECTIVE proof, recorded on their own cameras.

The broader the media alert, the more burn victims can be located -- in Africa, Asia, the Mid-East, Europe and America -- and the faster the test results can come in. After a sufficient number of successes, Sauvage may then organize a second step to include the training of his own fire emergency teams in response to future terrorist bombings, a threat that is becoming of central concern to people and governments around the world.

Please FORWARD to your contacts... Anyone can organize a fire burn test in any city...
ANY reporter with a camera cell phone can document the results... either way.

SEND MMS text message from camera cell phone within 30 minutes of exposure to fire.
Include name, birthdate, place of birth, and photo (ANY photo) of burned victims
MMS message to:

PROTOCOL by Philip Savage, "The Pursuit of Truth, Happiness and a Higher Power"

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