This is YOUR shot at the big-time! No other story will match this opportunity, not in your lifetime ! PROOF of Hope, PROOF of Health, PROOF of Truth, PROOF of Humanity's Highest Potential FACTS rather than innuendo and slander. FACTS rather than dependence on tautology or faith SCIENCE rises to the occasion and PROVES with finality the existence of a Higher Power !!!!!!

One man has spent his entire existence serving Life and Justice, masochistically allowing himself to be targeted by those choosing allegiance with their own self-interested lives rather than confront their fears of the unknown. Philip Sauvage has frequently demonstrated his capability to produce inexplicable phenomena in the physical, mental and spiritual lives of his many consultants.

He has recently been slandered publicly by BBC television. He responded immediately with a very serious fire burn proposal offering to PROVE his work, in front of their own cameras. To the BBC's words, "The world wants an answer," Sauvage shot back, to the media worldwide, to "put him to the test, once and for all."

For individual reporters, TV stations and all media personnel, this is an opportunity of global and stratospherically profitable proportion, to catch the story of the century.

Fifteen years ago, a public broadcasting event of much smaller scale and immediacy drew the attention of more than 25% of a major European country's entire population to watch Philip Sauvage simply interviewed (not tested) with five ecstatic consultants. (Ratings equivalent to 70 million viewers in US terms !!!)

Now, he offers major PUBLIC TESTS that YOU can organize and YOU get the dramatic results on the "bio-restoration" of severe fire burns. No placebo, no physical proximity required, full oversight by independent local medical personnel, and YOU see for yourself whether "The Most Controversial Figure of the Century" can deliver on his claims. YOU report the FACTS -- true or expose as "fraud" --- in hundreds of cases. PROOF that won't stop flowing until ALL doubt is gone.

Here is one ON-GOING EVENT that will never be superseded by "further research studies," but instead will set the stage for humanity to act on the FACTS established, PUBLICLY witnessed and GLOBALLY agreed upon.

Be the 1st to get the EXCLUSIVE-- break the news in your town. * Anyone can organize a fire burn test in any city, anywhere in the world. * Any reporter with a camera can document the results, either way. * RATINGS are the media reward; TRUTH is in the public`s interest.

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